We can ship tropical / freshwater fish anywhere in India directly to your nearest local airport for you to pick up. This way, you have your fish within a few hours of being packed and ship safely.  Having done all the legal work for you, so no worry about any paperwork.

Prices not included shipping & packing cost. Prices of every fish & accessories can be changed any time without notice.

Payments of new buyers must be in advance (deposit).

Our bank account for transfer
Detail on request

In carton or thermocol boxes. Before packing we will not feeding the fish for safer delivery & reduce stress level.

Freight Charges
Freight Charges are different depends on the cargo agent, means of transportation, weight and destination.

Any claims are not allowed if no report less than 24 hours after receipt of shipment.

Death on Arrival
Any mortality happened on the way if less than 5% must be accepted by customer / consignee.

Any mortality happened if flight delayed because of engine trouble or misconnection flight with approval and receipt sign by one of the cargo officer as withess from the airline involved or other causes beyond our power, the lost must be shared between shipper and consignee of each a half (50%).

Minimum Order
Rs. 20,000/- & above)

After received advance payment, we will send the shipment to you as soon as payment confirmation we received.


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